Rhea Virmani

    I have had a nomadic school life but finally settled in Mumbai in 2006.

    When Science and Math did not interest me, I thought I was doomed with no line of work suitable for me. That’s when I came across the field of communications which led me to intern as a Radio Jockey, Reporter and a Pubic Relation Executive as well.

    Every opportunity seemed appropriate but when I experienced the happiness of seeing my client’s stories in different newspapers, I decided to stick with Public Relations.

    Working with Alphabet Media has been an eventful journey. I am working on Luxury, Interior, Hospitality, Education and Health sectors ands.

    One of the best things of PR is that it shares experiences and services, unlike Advertising which blabbers words to sell things. We talk true to the words! I am working in the PR Digital industry for nearly two years and assure you that the ride has been challenging and joyful and I am definitely here to stay! I am glad that my skills are coming to optimum use in a field that needs communication and not solving of arithmetical equations – God saved me!