Masha Arabi

    ‘Do what you love’, a phrase I quickly vowed to and plunged into Mumbai’s sea of dreams. Public Relations fascinated me the most and here I am supervising PR for different brand creating the market image they desire.

    Gaining experience in sectors like Real Estate, Education, Lifestyle, Retail, Celebrity and Entertainment for nearly 2.5 years, I now judge myself with a respectable PR experience to be able to sail a company’s ship.

    I enjoy drafting content and managing crisis gives me those challenging vibes. At Alphabet Media, each day is exciting. The job here has developed my insights and group lunches, the day never seems off to me.

    So far, the journey in PR has been one heck of a seesaw. Understand meeting their founding fathers is certainly inspiring and drives me to dream big.

    Mumbai has been kind to me, though leaves me with limited time to pursue other activities like Swimming, Photography, Traveling, Stargazing, dancing to Zumba beats, and movies. Everything happens on a quick note; ‘You snooze, you lose’, something I don’t wish for myself. So pulling my socks for the daily marathon and that’s what I am doing today!