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Tangerine – Market Entry Strategy & Campaign Activation

The Situation

Tangerine is a designer brand accessories that complements one’s luxury lifestyle.
However, with established players like Portico, Bombay Dyeing,and most importantly, its target audience.

What We Did

Our market entry strategy was a three-pronged approach that leveraged the world of media, beyond media,and influencers.

We started with a media education program complete with sampling to give key journalists a first-h and experience of the product. This was followed with continuous thought leadership pieces by Mr. Rajiv Merchant, Founder, Tangerine, mapping Indian sector trends such as colour coordinated concepts and colour blocking,and sharing inputs on existing trends as well. As the brand’s speciality was colour coordinated concepts, we even developed 8 colour stories, where the campaign focused on one new colour every month.

Next, we activated our beyond media leg. We mapped our key touch points of our target audience,and conducted direct activations in these spaces. As a result, the brand was part of serials like Pukar on Life Ok,and The Great India Comedy Show on SAB TV,and also sponsored events at WIFT, Out of the Blue events,and Mumbai Expat Club.

In the final piece, we created an influencer outreach property called the ‘Colours of Life’ campaign. As Tangerine’s USP was all about colours, we devised an idea of invited known personalities to come together and celebrate the different colours of the world. We recognised nine women from different milieu including the likes of Dolly Thakore, Kiran Manral,and Rushina Munshaw Ghidiyal, who shared their ideas and thoughts about how incredible shades of colors can change one’s life. We also created short films on how colors played an important role in coordinating the journeys of these successful women. This rich content was promoted through media releases, social media,and emailers.

The Results

We generated solid awareness about the Tangerine brand amongst media,and ensured there is ongoing visibility every month. The retail trade and consumers started recognizing Tangerine as the new player on the block,and one of the top players in bed ands within a year’s time. As a result, they were also invited to be part of various lifestyle events and properties like the Elle Subscription Drive, Elle Carnival for a Cause,and the Good Homes Anniversary Contest.

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